Renovating a house in Portugal

Buying a house that needs some renovation work is a solution that can have several advantages, especially if you are moving to Portugal and want to live in your dream home. When it comes to buying properties needing renovation in Portugal, there are interesting offers on the market and this is a great chance to save some money. In addition, if a house looks unattractive but has good potential, it will be possible to remodel it and customise it to one’s taste.

In order not to make any mistakes, before buying a house to renovate in Portugal, it is necessary to evaluate several aspects to understand if it is a good investment and if the necessary work could potentially involve very high costs. The experts at habitissimo are here to help with their advice for renovating property in Portugal, including some tips to keep in mind and some renovation ideas that can be good investments when buying a house.

  1. Solving structural defects in the building
  2. Solving problem with damp
  3. Changes in internal distribution
  4. Replacing windows
  5. Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens
  6. Redoing the floors
  7. Property in need of renovation for sale in Portugal

Solving structural defects in the building

Carrying out a technical assessment of the condition of the structural components of the building as a whole, even when it is a flat, is one of the fundamental steps before buying a house to renovate in Portugal.

Having to carry out work on the structure of the building can require a substantial budget, so it is advisable to think carefully whether it is worth making the purchase or not in the case that a lot of structural work needs done.

When it is an old building it will be necessary to investigate the state of wear and tear, but even when it is a newly built property, the presence of structural problems that deserve attention cannot be totally excluded.

Solving problem with damp

If the property to be acquired shows clear signs of the presence of humidity such as stains, mould and detachment of the paint or plaster, it is necessary to investigate to understand the root of the problem. It may be an infiltration, a ventilation problem or a consequence of the building’s poor thermal insulation.

Depending on the causes of the dampness, the costs can greatly vary. Carrying out this study before buying a house helps to understand what additional investment is needed.

Changes in internal distribution

Sometimes people visit a house and have the idea of transforming it completely. This might include changing the position and size of different rooms, breaking up partitions to let in more light or changing the function of a room. If you want to invest in the complete renovation of the house, all this can be carried out, but you should be aware that moving environments such as the bathroom and kitchen, although this is possible, can lead to an increase in the overall budget of the work.

Replacing windows

One of the most urgent jobs to do when buying an old house in Portugal is to change the windows. In fact, many buildings in need of renovation have windows that do not insulate well, leading to significant heat loss. Replacing the windows with more modern and insulating versions will thus save on the costs needed for heating and cooling the house, proving to be an investment that is recovered over time with the advantage of also having a more up-to-date finish.

Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens

The renovation of environments such as kitchens and bathrooms is among those that most affect the budget dedicated to renovations. Depending on the conditions in which they arise and the necessary interventions, however, the budget will be highly variable. In addition, the quality of the finishes used greatly affects what costs will be necessary to complete the project.

However, a complete restructuring is not always necessary. If floors and walls don’t need replacing, for example, you could invest a little more in kitchen furniture or appliances, or replace the bathtub with a more practical shower.

Redoing the floors

If all the features of the house match the search criteria, but the floors are old or damaged or there’s a different material in each room, it’s worth investing in a new floor. You can use modern finishes that will give the house a totally fresh look and create an even surface in all rooms, something that will make the property look bigger.

If your budget is on the lower side of the scale, there are several cost-effective options to consider, such as laying overlay flooring that requires no demolition and gives a good result, including laminate or PVC.

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